Clean Wheels Valeting - Mobile Valeting Company
Aston Martin DBS fully detailed Full Valet (mobile)
This Valet includes.
  • Spray non caustic traffic film remover on lower half of car wheel arches and  tyres.
  • Clean grease from door shuts and steam clean 
  • Clean brake dust from wheels using non
    caustic wheel cleaner
  • Rinse entire car with high pressure steam cleaner.
  • Using the 2 bucket system (as explained in the wash section) wash entire vehicle.
  • Micro towel dry
  • Full Interior Hoover of the Seats crevasses, floor, glove box and door pockets
  • Hoover boot and the carpet mat
  • Shampoo boot carpets and mat 
  • Shampoo / Clean the parcel shelf
  • Shampoo roof and side linings
Morgan interior valet
  • Clean Dash board
  • Clean all door cards
  • Clean ALL  lower plastics
  • Clean the pedals
  • Clean the A pillars
  • Clean the Door Pillars
  • Unreal all seat belts and clean them
  • Clean and degrease steering wheel and storks
  • Clean and degrease gear leaver and handbrake
  • Shampoo the Front seat**
  • Shampoo the Rear seats**
  • Lift up the rear seats where applicable hoover and shampoo underneath
  • Shampoo / Steam Clean Over Mats
  • Shampoo ALL Carpets
  • Clean and degrease foot pedals
  • Clean inside the Glove Box
  • Clean all the Dashboard
  • Dress dashboard with satin finish dressing
  • Brush the air vents and crevasses to remove dust
  • Polish all inside glass
  • Polish Dashboard glass
  • Polish Vanity mirrors and interior mirror
  • Dress wheel arches
  • Dress tyres
  • Remove tar spots from car
  • Dress exterior plastics
  • Paint protection applied
  • Buff with micro towel
  • Polish exterior glass
  • Dry Interior of car
  • Inspect entire vehicle
  • Prices from £85
  • Time taken 4-5 Hours
Optional extras:
  • Hybid X                           
  • Machine Polishing
  • Clay Bar      
              • Scotch guard interior (Fabric Protection)
              • Odour neutraliser
              • Air Conditioning system sanitiser
              • Cabriolet Fabric Hood                                    
                      **Unlike some companies Clean Wheels uses spray extraction hot water carpet cleaners. Some companies out there use a spray on wipe off system. In my opinion this only cleans the top fabric and does not deep clean the seat to remove the stains permanently (plus odours). When phoning around for quotes please ensure your car is being cleaned professionally. 
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