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Ultimate Paint Protection 
Kamikaze Collection

Here at clean wheels we offer a machine polish to bring the paint to desired level and put either of the following coatings on from £195. 

The Hydrocarbon Flexible coating is a Hydrocarbon Flexible layer that last 24-36 months. (Soft wax look finish with Hydrophobic properties unlike anything we have seen in the last 20 years)

95% Sio2 contain Paint Glass coating. It has the smallest fine molecular
Alkoxysiloxanes and that last 18 - 24 months.(Harder finish Than ISM coat)

This is a Maserati we machine polished using Gtechniq P1 nano polish. Then She had a coat of Kamikaze ISM coat.
Poilshed with Gtechniq P1 coated with Gtechniq C1

Full Protection Packages.

Amg C63. Had to be machine polished even though it was brand new to 
remove Swirls. Full treatment.
Coat of Kamikazi Miyabi
Coat of Kamikazi ISM
Wheels and calipers coated in Gtechniq C5 Wheel Armour
Windows coated in Gtechniq G1 Smart Glass
Leather seats coated in Gtechniq L1 leather Guard
Carpet coated in Gtechniq l1  Smart Fabric

Paint Protection

Wheel protection

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