Nano Paint Protection

THE ULTIMATE NANO PAINT PROTECTION - 5 year protection guarantee!!

We are excited to offer the latest technology in paint protection.
Using Fusion technology Hybrid X uses precious minerals, Nano Technology and advance bonding. It has no silicon, polymer or ceramic (weak point of all Nano coatings). It produces a 3D holographic shine (as seen in picture above).

Clean Wheels Valeting is offering paint correction and a coating of Fusion topped up with Finite for extra gloss protection.

I've been detailing cars for 20 years and I have to say this is the most exciting new product to come to the market. The finish is flawless with such clarity and shine. If you know anything about ceramic coating you will be aware that they can suffer from water marks/damage, this product is different as it is made from stone so is not porous. It is 9h hard to make it minor scratch resistant.

Key Features


A 9H Sapphire hard mineral and other composite materials imploded to 7 NANO meters. In perspective, a human hair is 80 - 100,000 NANO metres thick! It’s these NANO particles being so small they penetrate through the pores of material and increase its resistance to abrasion and minor scratches.


HybridX FUSION is not strictly a coating which ‘sits’ on top of the surface, it's an advanced chemical bonding agent that penetrates and bonds at the molecular level. It becomes part of the substrate and only abrasion or harsh chemicals will remove it. So durable it shrugs off even brake fluid and fuel spills.


The optical clarity of the stone mineral creates reflection and refraction.
Reflection, reflecting the natural light producing an unparalleled high gloss finish to gloss finished surfaces and a silk sheen to matt surfaces. The surfaces adopt a near perfect wet look.

Refraction, the natural light passing through the stone mineral creates added depth of colour to the surface. A perfect 3D holographic surface. Almost looks as if you could dive into the paintwork.


Successfully isolating dirt, dust, water, salt, ultra violet and even oil from contaminating the surface, aides against ageing and paint fade. Virtually an impenetrable barrier against the elements.

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